Portugal Spain Confidential


Moving to a warmer climate such as Portugal or Spain ?


It is essential to the success of your move you consider the pro's and con's your destination has to offer in addition to its wonderful climate !



Our office in Portugal provides free guidance on all aspects of life in both Portugal and Spain.

This service is provided by experienced ex-pat professional tax and finance experts who have also chosen to reside there.

Every aspect of your potential move is similarly covered free of any fees as is our property portfolio.

Our fees are already agreed with the agencies we have arranged to work with in both Portugal and Spain.



At Desirable Homes we have an excellent selection of properties for sale across Iberia although not all are openly advertised.


Before you consider any as your future home please take advantage of our experts to freely discuss all the implications of your intended move.


Many clients have made well informed decisions by benefiting from our experts free and friendly guidance.


 The agencies we work with have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are legally licenced to operate under both Portuguese and Spanish law.