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Desirable Homes is a bespoke Property Agency based in the UK with significant Experience of mainland European Real Estate markets.

Our background and knowledge is based on Years of operating Successfully in Europe on numerous Real Estate projects and developments.

This invaluable insight into the local environment culture infrastructure and economy provides first-hand Experience and Connections to your Advantage.



The Integrity and Professionalism of our carefully chosen Local Experts are at your elbow to support advise and guide your decision making offering the most Comprehensive Quality Service.

It is important you are aware of the Tax Benefits on moving to Portugal and take Advantage of them. We are fortunate to have an expat Expert on these matters as part of our team in Portugal. A Professional now residing in the country offering Free guidance on Tax and Visa matters.

Our main Purpose is Assisting you in fulfilling your Dream of acquiring a Desirable and Affordable new Home. A beach side Apartment country Cottage or a Villa with pool perhaps.


Please Remember our Services are FREE!



Whatever your reasons for Relocating be it Investment Retirement Work from Home Holiday Home Buy to Let Rental or Other.

Desirable Homes will take care of the legwork and the tedium of your Search while you continue with the other Important elements of your life.